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Don't just take our word for it.

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Don’t just take our word for it.

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Anxiety doesn’t have to be a fact of modern life. Soothe your restless mind, just like these fine folks.

Lindsey M.

Incredible results! I got this for my mom (she’s 67) because her arthritis causes her a lot of pain. She also has some anxiety and stress. I have searched for the perfect and best quality Hemp- and I have found it! This has really helped her! So thankful for this company!

Jenna C.

I was nervous to try Hemp and I am SO glad I started with Get Wellness! Tastes amazing, Lemon-lime is my fav, and I finally have my anxiety under control!

Kalani E.

Great product I use it mostly before I go to bed to just relax. The taste is good I got watermelon mint this time and tried peppermint before both were good. I get anxiety randomly so taking this has helped to ease my mind. Definitely recommend to others.

Kimberly B.

I think this product is great – great flavor and minimal, high quality ingredients. Also, I am feeling better after taking this product for the last 5 months and my anxiety is at a bare minimum.

Kennedy B.

I have bad anxiety and this really helped me take the edge off and just feel a bit more relaxed when I start to feel my anxiety kicking in.


This is the second day I have taken my Watermelon Mint Oil Drops and although I haven’t been cured of course, I have already noticed a difference! Hoping that as time goes on I feel better and better. Although, I purchased the 500mg and curious as if I could benefit more from the 1500mg since my anxiety is severe. Anyways, so far I’m feeling hopeful!
Moon Stars


You can’t run on empty forever. Do like so many others, and take back the night with some quality sleep.

Megan S.

I have had these for a couple weeks now and I have been able to actually slow down my mind and fall asleep in the 10-15 minute window. It usually takes hours and then I’m up in the next couple! So appreciative and grateful for this product! Get Wellness has been a huge blessing!

Audra C.

I was curious about Hemp to help with insomnia and my friend recommended these. I am so glad I tried the tincture. The drops taste great (orange and lemon lime) and I have been able to sleep at night. Thank you for making a great product!

Jen F.

My husband & I have been taking the Sleep Aid and now I’m wondering where they’ve been all my life! Sunday nights are usually out worst night, we both have difficulties falling asleep as well as staying asleep. Ever since we started taking these, we’ve noticed a huge shift in how we sleep. Thank you Ang & Mike!

Michaela K.

These really help me get a good nights sleep. All I did before was toss and turn. I’ve been waking up feeling more rested as well.

Jennifer H.

They help me sleep SOOOO WELLL! This is a great product and always helps me drift off and stay asleep longer.


I love this product. The taste is great. I sleep soundly through the night when taken at night. In times of high anxiety, I take during the day. Oil Drops bring me relief and focus. I’m so happy to have found this product.


Achy joints and sore muscles, watch out! People have discovered a new relief sheriff in town.


As a massage therapist, I’ve tried all the pain relief creams available. This one is hands down the best, works the fastest, and scent is not overpowering like most others. This even helps relieve neck pain from migraines within minutes.

Kellie S.

I loved this cream, especially for my ankle that was broken last summer. I have a plate and screws that is making it hard to come back from and this cream helps me with physical therapy and also just neutralizing the aches and pains. I highly recommend and will be purchasing more.


I had my second neck surgery this year and then I ended up with an impinged rotator cuff. This has helped tremendously with pain. Especially applied at night before bed, it helps so I get a better nights sleep. Thank you for making this product, I am very grateful!

Burnadette A.

I have tried other creams without having any relief. I use this cream twice a day for severe nerve pain in my foot. It is the only cream that has worked.

Trudy V.

I am always looking for pain relief that is not addictive for my fibromyalgia. I have done a lot of research on quality Hemp and found Get Wellness. I have used this on my calves and knees which is where my pain is most fierce. I also have some neuropathy in my feet and this also helps relieve the burning pain of neuropathy in my feet.

Jimmy N.

This cream is Awesome! I have a very aggressive training schedule – with many days of multiple workout sessions a day! I used this cream both before and after my workouts and could tell an immediate difference from first use! This has quickly become a must to help me recover quickly so I can get right back to the hard work I love!
Dog Face


Animal lovers everywhere are treating their furry friends to all-natural relief that’s safe and reliable.

Chelsea E.

My dog Ringo is 14 and has lost the ability to walk! This is a totally new phase of life for both of us. He would bark for hours on end for no reason, no matter what we would do. We have tried everything, but Get Wellnessis what gave me back my sanity, and I’m sure his as well. His barking is at a bare minimum, and he loves when it’s time for his treats!

Cassie J.

My pup loves it!!My dog has always had really bad anxiety in car rides and when we go on trips. This stuff helps so much and I am a HUGE fan. And bacon flavor!! NOM.

Faith B.

My aging dog has always been anxious and she’s has lots of arthritis pain recently. Since starting she’s had more energy and she’s been moving better. She’s also eating better. Her appetite is usually the first to go when she’s not feeling well. I’m so glad we decided to go with Get Wellness. I love the fact that they do third party testing.

Lisa G.

We’ve been giving this to our 8 year old shepherd for about 6 months. We noticed a difference in her tolerance of our younger, newly acquired mastiff. As the mastiff out-sized her, she began agitated and less tolerant of her. Since using Get Wellness, her temperament has improved and she’ll initiate playtime. Try it to believe it!

Samantha R.

Henry loves the bacon flavor!!!! And has found so much comfort in his life using this during storms!!! He is such an anxious dog!!! But not no more!

Aloha G.

My cat has kidney disease and is 18 years old. In the first few days, I saw results. She was back jumping on the bed with me to cuddle & playing.

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